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Brazed plate heat exchanger

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Brazed plate heat exchanger Features:
* Compact, easy to install
* Use thin sheet
* High heat transfer coefficient
* Less stagnation
* Light weight
* Only 20-30% of shell and tube heat exchangers
* Less water consumption
* Brazed plate heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency is high, so that it is only in the same cooling conditions equivalent to the shell-type * heat exchanger 1/3 of the cooling water flow.
* Durable
* Can withstand high temperature (200 ° C) and high pressure (30bar)
* Eliminates corrosion problems
* Removed the gasket
* Low dirt factor
* High turbulence reduces the dirt coefficient, thereby reducing the number of cleaning.
Copper brazing Nickel brazing
Plate material AISI304/316L Plate material AISI316L
Interface material AISI304 Interface material AISI304
Brazing material copper Brazing material
Maximum design temperature 200°C Maximum design temperature 200°C
Minimum design temperature -160°C Minimum design temperature -160°C
Maximum design pressure 30/45 bar Maximum design pressure 20/30 bar

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