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Detachable plate heat exchanger which parts are formed

First, heat transfer plate
Heat transfer plate is the main heat exchanger plate heat exchanger components, the general corrugated made of herringbone, according to the different fluid medium, heat transfer plate material is not the same, mostly made of stainless steel and titanium.
Second, the gasket
Plate heat exchanger gasket is mainly in the heat between the plates from the sealing effect. Materials are: nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, fluorine rubber, according to different media using different rubber.
Three, both ends of the pressure plate
Both ends of the pressure plate is mainly clamping all the heat transfer plate to ensure that the fluid medium does not leak.
Four, clamping bolts
Clamping bolts are mainly used to fasten the role of both ends of the pressure plate. Clamping bolts are generally double-headed thread, preload the bolt, the fixed plate of the moment evenly.
Five, pylon
Mainly to support the heat exchanger plate, to disassemble, cleaning, assembly and other convenient.

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