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Detachable plate heat exchanger gasket

1, plate heat exchanger gasket in the selection should pay attention to the use of occasions, the use of temperature, different media and temperature selection of gasket material is different.
2, plate heat exchanger gasket before use should check whether there are scratches, fracture phenomenon, if found to stop using.
3, plate heat exchanger gasket in the installation process should pay attention to even smooth plastic, gasket formation.
4, the heat exchanger should be checked before using the bolts are loose, such as loose should be clamped to the clamping size, to prevent the pad slide, damage pads.
5, the heat exchanger in the use of the process should first open all the export valve, close the inlet valve, start the pump, and then slowly open the heat exchanger inlet valve, and gradually increase the pressure to avoid the impact of instantaneous local pressure caused by high pressure rubber pad.
6, when the two medium temperature difference is large, you can first access to low temperature media, after the high temperature medium, in case of shutdown or power should immediately turn off the high temperature medium inlet valve, the matching valve must be sealed well, not allowed to leak , In order to avoid the heat transfer in the high temperature state of the exchange, and premature aging.
7, cold, heat medium, such as containing large particles of sand or other debris should be the first filter, to prohibit the use of sewage pressure test and operation to prevent mud or debris to the bottom of the pad, causing leakage.
8, cleaning pads, be careful to clean, to prevent scratch pads.
9, the plate after washing with water rinse, with a clean cloth or cotton yarn to the plate, gasket wipe clean, so that it can not leave any solid particles above.
10, if the device is not used for a long time, the clamping bolt should be relaxed to not less than 1.15 times the clamping size, when used in accordance with the requirements of clamping.

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