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Temperature and Pressure Requirements for Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate heat exchangers have been widely used in many industries and are now widely used in many industries such as power engineering, shipping, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, food and light industry.
Plate heat exchanger appearance of the compact structure, the gap is small, so the unit volume of heat transfer area increases, the installation area of ​​about 1/2 to 1/3 of the shell and tube, the general can save the area and construction costs, each A shell volume of 1m3, the heat transfer area of ​​80m2 or so, in addition, the plate heat exchanger easy to increase or decrease the heat transfer area, for the shell and tube heat exchanger in the need to increase the amount of liquid treatment, the original heat exchanger The heat transfer area is almost impossible to increase, but the heat transfer area of ​​the plate heat exchanger is very easy to increase, thereby increasing the processing capacity.
Plate heat exchanger only heat board shell exposed to the atmosphere, so the heat loss is negligible, and no insulation measures. It is one of the characteristics of operation and maintenance is easy to install and disassemble, or even do not have to completely open, only the compression bolt can be pulled out of the plate cleaning, replace the gasket, and even replace the plate. This is particularly important for the heat transfer medium to produce deposits. Allowable temperature and pressure: for it to rely on the gasket between the two plates to prevent the material from leaking, so its seal around the total length is very long, to prevent gasket leakage is an important part.
The temperature, pressure and chemical stability of the gasket are also often the temperature and pressure limits used and the range of materials allowed. In addition, because the gap between the heat transfer surface is small, the heat transfer surface has irregularities, so the pressure loss than the traditional smooth, in addition, the plate heat exchanger bear the work pressure is low.
All-welded plate heat exchanger does not use any non-metallic sealing material, can have a high temperature, pressure performance. Applicable to the working temperature of 300 ℃, the pressure of 3.0Mpa extreme operating conditions.
Removable plate heat exchanger normal operating temperature is less than 150 ℃ (with the sealing material performance), the pressure is less than 1.6Mpa working conditions.

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