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work circumstances of the plate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger, in the structure, the four corners of the plate, forming a fluid distribution tube and the discharge tube, two kinds of heat transfer medium, respectively, into the respective flow channel, the formation of countercurrent or smooth flow of each plate To carry out the exchange of heat. Has a good social and economic benefits.
When the plates are assembled, the two groups are arranged alternately, and the rubber sealing plate is fixed with the adhesive between the plate and the board. The effect is to prevent the fluid from leaking and to form a narrow mesh channel between the two plates. The sheet is pressed into various corrugations to increase the area and rigidity of the heat transfer sheet and to cause turbulence of the fluid at a low flow rate to achieve enhanced heat transfer. Assuming that the temperature difference between the fluid and the wall is all concentrated in the effective film with the thickness of δ1 '' ', the film is neither a thermal boundary layer nor an active boundary layer, but a concentrated heat transfer temperature difference Hot virtual film. The temperature boundary layer is formed by the temperature change near the wall.
The temperature difference is mainly concentrated in the underlying layer. That is, the use of chillers in the night cooling, ice storage in the ice tank, meet the demand for the next day to reduce the peak load of air conditioning, which effectively save energy and save operating costs. We use the plate heat exchanger ice storage system to play a role in the regulation of the peak load.
The convective heat transfer rate equation can be described by the Newton's cooling law. In most areas, a large amount of heat is discharged every day along with the waste heat medium (such as exhausted hot water, bath hot water, process cooling water, etc.) Atmospheric environment, resulting in a huge energy extravagance, because the plate heat exchanger investment cost is low, high thermal efficiency, the hot and cold medium temperature requirements are extremely low, can be converted into waste heat recovery of secondary heat, and its use In the preheat condition. 

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