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The best way to buy plate heat exchanger products

In the purchase of plate heat exchanger need to pay attention to some matters in order to buy a suitable for their own business plate heat exchanger products, Siping heat exchanger manufacturers to introduce you on the plate heat exchanger to buy the method.
For the design of plate heat exchanger selection, under normal circumstances, the pressure drop has certain requirements, first of all to the first proof and then OK. If the proof pressure drop exceeds the allowable pressure drop, then the design selection calculation is required until the process requirements are met.
1, plate heat exchanger selection control parameters for the heat exchanger material, working pressure, design temperature;
2, the choice of plate heat exchanger, the temperature difference between the smaller side of the fluid flow rate should not be too large, should be able to meet the requirements of pressure drop;
3, the choice of heat exchanger, should try to make the heat transfer coefficient of the side of the small flow rate, and try to make the two fluid heat transfer on both sides of the heat transfer coefficient equal or similar to improve the heat transfer coefficient. The temperature of the fluid heated by the heat exchanger shall be 10 ° C lower than the saturation temperature at the outlet pressure of the heat exchanger and shall be lower than the operating temperature of the water pump for secondary water;
4, for the large allowable pressure to reduce the situation should use a small resistance plate type, on the contrary, the choice of large resistance plate type;
5, containing muddy soil fluid should be filtered into the heat exchanger;
6, according to the fluid pressure and temperature conditions optional detachable or welded;
7, should not use the board area is too small plate, so as to avoid the excessive number of plates, plate flow rate is too small to reduce the heat transfer coefficient;
8, plate heat exchanger heat transfer medium should not be steam.

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