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Plate heat exchanger gasket maintenance and maintenance

Maintenance and maintenance of the plate heat exchanger gasket under normal circumstances through the plate heat exchanger cold movement when the drip or stop the cooling process to find the heat exchanger seal is lost, but there are some plate heat transfer The device has a re-adjustable function, that is, in the event of a small amount of leakage when the heat exchanger group will be twisted twice, to increase the stress between the gasket in a short time to effectively solve the drip phenomenon. In the newly assembled heat exchanger, you can use a larger combination of length size, when there is drip, and then tighten the various groups of plate heat exchanger, the maximum combination of length and size of the minimum combination of size can generally be in the heat exchanger nameplate See it. It should be noted that the size of the combination can not be less than the minimum combination size, when the combination of the heat exchanger to achieve the minimum combination of length size is still dripping, indicating that the gasket must be changed. The reason for the useful life of the rubber gasket has a significant impact on the way the heat exchanger works, the heat dissipation medium and the use of the cleaning agent, the maximum operating temperature, the maximum working pressure due to excessive pressure and uneven pressure So that the stress of the elastic gasket, natural aging. The emergence of these will be timely maintenance and repair or replacement.

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